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Whats next if You Don't Want to Pay for Reliance Jio Services From April 1

Reliance Jio goes paid from next month.
If you're planning to close your account, do it by March 31
The process is extremely simple but a little time consuming
There's no doubt that the launch of Reliance Jio has been great news for the average customer in India. Even if you're not one of the 100 million plus of people  that have signed up for jio to enjoy free data services until March31, and free voice calling and national roaming for life, you have likely benefited from the great plans that other telcos like Airtel Vodafone and Idea are now offering in a bid to keep their customers happy. All this wouldn't have happened without the launch of Reliance Jio services last year , which truly disrupted the telecom market in India.
Now while it makes a lot of sense for you to retain your Reliance Jio number with a minimal Jio plan of your choice to continue to enjoy free voice calling and other services, if, for whatever reason, you've decided the Jio life is not for you, it's also pretty straightforward to cancel your Reliance Jio number.
We checked with Jio's customer care on the phone and confirmed what to do to save you some time. This is what you need to do to cancel your Reliance Jio subscription.
Is your Reliance Jio number prepaid or postpaid?
Although every Jio user we've talked to has a prepaid SIM, we've seen people in the comments mention using postpaid SIMs. So, step one is to check which one you're using. It's easy to confirm.
How to check if your Reliance Jio number if postpaid or prepaid:
Open the MyJio app, and tap the Open button next to MyJio.
Sign in with your Jio number and password, if you haven't already.
Swipe in from the left side to show the menu.
Tap on My plans
It'll say Happy New Year Offer on top, and it's followed by Prepaid recharge in our case. If you're a postpaid user, it will say Postpaid. Now that you know which one applies to you, let's move on to the next step.
How to cancel your Reliance Jio prepaid number
This is pretty straightforward. Take the SIM card out of your phone, and don't touch it for three months. After 90 days of inactivity, with zero balance, prepaid SIMs are disconnected.
How to cancel your Reliance Jio postpaid number
The only way to end this connection is to call up customer care, or to visit a Jio store, and ask for your number to be disconnected. They will ask for your reasons, and once the request has been accepted, the account should be closed within seven working days. This also works for prepaid Jio numbers if you don't want to wait 90 days.
If you're planning on doing this, make the call before April 1 so no charges are attached to your account. Remember, if you are calling Jio care on the phone, be prepared for a long wait before you can speak to someone who can help. The store visits we've made have been a lot easier, though it would depend on where the nearest store is for you.
That's all there is to closing your Jio accounts. Are you planning on sticking around with Jio after the network goes paid? Have you already bought your Jio Prime subscription? Let us know via the comments.

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