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How To Send Any Type Of File On WhatsApp

Sometimes we need to share a file format which is not support for sharing on whatsapp like zip file then you can use this trick for sharing file. Also using this trick you also able to share application on WhatsApp. To share unsupported file in whatsapp we have to change the file format of that particular file to the .txt file . By doing this whatsapp suppose that its a PDF file but its not actual that .  This Trick is tried from me and work flawless for me . So Let's try  this I hope it will work for you too also.   Follow the below instruction and send any types of file format on whatsapp to another one .

1. Download Es File Explorer  App If Your Default File Manager Does Not Support For Changing File Extension.
2. Supported WhatsApp Version For Documents Receiving Who Will Be Receive.
How To Send Any Type Of File Format On WhatsApp:--
1. Firstly Goto your file manager or Es File Explorer
2. Locate the file which you want send it to your friends and families member.
3. After locating that file long press on it and select rename option and add the .txt  extension to the end of the file name.
4. After changing filename share that file on WhatsApp to any one who you want.
5. Open file manager, When receiver receive that file, Tell receiver to locate that named file user the whatapp->media->Documents
6. And say remove  the .txt file extension which is earlier added by you.
7. And Replace That .text extension with appropriate extension.
8. Done Received file opens its in actual format.
I hope you understand whole process to send any file on whatsapp if you still face any problem for sending file or for opening file then do below comments I'll try my best to solve you problems ......
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