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Alibaba Group Launched We-Media Reward Plan 2.0

UCWeb today announced the Launch of We-Media Reward Plan 2.0 and has Initially invested ₹50 Million for the same.It will every month Select 1000 We-Media Contributors with a minimum Payout of ₹50000/Month for the same.

Alibaba’s UCWeb Enhances Focus on Content with the Launch of We-Media Reward Plan 2.0 with an initial investment of 50 Million INR
According to them the Short Video Content i.e Video Content of less than two mins is the most popular form of Content consumed in China also has a Huge potential to grow in India.According to UC Web the Video Content has grown by 30% in the Last Quarter i.e October 2016 to December 2016.UC Web is in the Process of setting up a new team for Video Content and hopefully we will se some more Video Content on UC News in upcoming Months.

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