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Why did The Note 7 explode? Samsung finally told the reason

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was praised by critics and buyer's but then things got worse after multiple units of note 7 started exploding and catching fire ,faulty battery was blamed for the explosion of the smartphone , Samsung had to recall the device. Even after changing the faulty batteries, the issue continued, as a result Samsung recalled all the sold devices as it posed real danger to safety of the owner.

After 35 reported incidents of overheating smart phones worldwide, Samsung stopped all sales of the Note 7, worked with government agencies and cellular carriers around the world to provide refunds and exchange. But on 10th October, after successful battery change, Five of the replaced phones caught fire and on 13th October Samsung announced the recall of every single Note 7, including the replaced one's.

The company tried a lot to solve the issue through software but the issue was allegedly due to a hardware malfunction. Samsung reportedly incurred an operating loss of $5.1Billion for the final quarter.
On January 22,Samsung finally came up with the reason behind the explosion of the smartphone-

Batteries were manufactured by Samsung SDI (battery A) but after receiving reports of batteries catching fire, they changed the batteries with a Chinese Battery Manufacturer(battery B)

In case of batteries manufactured by Samsung SDI (battery A)
The batteries easily bent from the right corner which made the positive and negative electrode to meet hence caused burns and explosion.
In case of batteries manufactured by Local Chinese Vendor (Battery B)
The issue in Battery B was due to manufacturing default. These result mean that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is officially dead and we'll not see much stories regarding the same in future.

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