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How to fake or spoof a call

If you are a professional spy, you may want to try out professional software which allow you to change your voice and even change what someone sees on their caller ID display when they receive a phone call.

While spoofing a Caller ID is legal in the US, you obviously cannot use it for doing anything malicious or illegal. Use it to keep your identity secret or to catch hold of someone who is being denying the truth. You could even add background noise, like it is coming in the midst of a traffic jam, or in a nightclub.

Today, there are many such services available. Some of the popular ones include CallerIDFaker, TeleTurd, SpoofCard, SpoofTel, Bluffmycall, Covertcalling etc. Many come equipped with mobile apps, so you can use your mobile phone to spoof a call. 

Lawyers, doctors and even mystery shoppers are using these tools today.

Unfortunately, as with any technology, there is a bad side too. Scammers have been using these services to defraud innocent people. Fraudsters spoof the bank's number and claim to be from the bank. Many people have been swindled as the caller ID screen shows the name and number of your bank. 

Play a prank, if you must, but do not use technology for illegal activities. Be safe too from fraudsters!

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