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8 best spy apps to spy on any smartphone

For wannabe spies and suspicious men, women and parents, here is a list of smart spy apps that you can use to spy on anyone:

  1. Copy 10:  This spy app allows users to locate whereabouts by detecting radio signals sent from their phones by using the phone’s GPS system.
  2. Flexispy: By using this spy application, the user can track a person without letting him or her know about his virtual presence. The user can find out what the person is doing by gaining access to phone call conversations, sms, emails and pictures.
  3. InnovaSPY: This smartphone spy application allows one to tracking smartphones in real time. This app can silently record all the activities on the smartphone and sends data to a secured online account. You can get both current and historical tracking logs, with the results appearing on a map. This spy app also provides you with the ability to read all incoming and outgoing SMS messages. This works even if the SMS messages have been deleted. You can also read phone contacts
  4. SECuRET SpyCam: A visual motion triggered Spy App which means an android smart phone camera or remote camera will automatically capture still photo or video of any motion within its field of vision. It can then also automatically save the photo, tweet it or send it directly to an e-mail.
  5. Mobile Hidden Camera: This Android Spy Camera app is the only SpyCam that is compatible with all the Android Versions for 1.1 to 4.0.3. The app is an efficient combination of camera and CamCorder. The app performs as an efficient SpyCam with features like no preview, no flash, no shutter sound and both the back and front cameras can be used to capture images. It also allows you to shoot auto-continuous imaging with adjustable frequency and with burst mode you can shoot up to 5 to 10 images per second.
  6. Spy Camera by Heliodor: This app takes pictures and records video secretly by muting shutter sound, flash and preview of the images and videos on your Android device. All you will see is a black screen with status and free space indicators. The app also hides the images from the standard gallery app so your photos remain private even after they have been taken. Moreover, you can also let the app automatically shoot pictures by switching on the auto mode.
  7. Hidden Camera Spy Camera by Joseph: This Android Spy camera does not only capture instant secret photos but also quality videos and audio without anyone knowing it. The exclusive feature of this app is that it can passively run in the background for maximum Spy action. This unique feature also allows you to use other apps simultaneously on your Android Smartphone like Twitter, Facebook and you can even attend phone calls. The app also features password protection from unauthorized access.
  8. mSpy cell phone tracking: mSpy monitoring software is a power-house of innovative features developed based on the latest technological advancements and the demands of smartphone and tablet users. Spy is secure and absolutely invisible. It gets installed in minutes directly onto the device you wish to monitor. The software gets automatically activated every time the device is powered up and the information on its activities is instantaneously fed into your Control Panel. You can set the recording time on the device in case you need to record a meeting, a conversation or collect evidence of misconduct. You can remotely restrict access to applications or websites either for good or for a limited period of time, e.g. during school or office hours. You can always see the location of the device and even track cell ID if GPS is unavailable. In addition, you can set up geo-boundaries for your children or employees and receive alerts if they changed their whereabouts.

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